She's an international superstar who has sold millions of records. The former Pussycat Doll can sing pop to opera, dance rumba to argentine tango and look ten years younger. Don't cha wish your girlfriend was schamazing like her?


8/15/14 - Nicole Scherzinger out in LA.

i miss you, post more! please! :)

I knowwww… But Nicole is hiding herself somewhere so there’s nothing to post. And I don’t even have good stuff in my drafts. Oh 

When even Nicole spells her last name wrong…. hahahahah 

Gary, you were much bigger. Now, you couldn’t be trimmer - you couldn’t be in better shape. — Wossy


Nicole Scherzinger for Cosmo Magazine

Nicole Scherzinger is tonight wearing Michael Cinco Jewellery, Frost Of London & Stephen Webster and shoes Crystalize my couture